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Friday Night Funkin Match3 New

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About Friday Night Funkin Match3 New

It’s Friday night, and you know what that means: you’ve got the house to yourself, your best music is on blast, and get ready to dance like no one’s...

It’s Friday night, and you know what that means: you’ve got the house to yourself, your best music is on blast, and get ready to dance like no one’s watching! But before you start shaking your tail feathers, you need to prep with a little bit of pregaming. That’s why we think that this brand new hybrid match 3 puzzle arcade game about Funkin cocktails will come in handy. Let us help you put together the perfect playlist for some pre-game partying with this funky new free arcade game about mixing drinks. You’ll have so much fun learning how to mix cocktails like a pro that you won’t even realize how much knowledge you’re acquiring in the process! So download this free arcade game today and practice mixing drinks while you still can. You don’t want to look like a lightweight when it comes time to party on Friday night.

If you like to party, you’ll love this funk-tastic new matching puzzle game! Friday Night Funkin’ Match 3 is a unique new matching challenge that combines three popular game genres: match 3 puzzles, arcade games, and music. In this funky hybrid of the puzzle, arcade, and music gameplay, your goal is to help keep the party going by matching the correct cocktail ingredients before time runs out. If you can’t keep up with the beat, you’ll lose points fast. With multiple characters to play as and more than 100 combinations of challenging match 3 puzzles to master, this high-energy new game will have you coming back for more Friday night fun again.

Another new, exciting, interesting, and addictive match 3 game! This time it’s Friday night and you’re at the ultimate club – COOL STUDIO. The dance floor is packed and the dj plays funky music all night long. If you love challenging match-3 puzzles with a twist, this game is for you! Are you ready to put your mind to the test? You will have to deal with jigsaw pieces that move, locked tiles, combos, bombs that explode if not matched in time, etc. But don’t worry we will help you out when needed. You can also invite your friends to play with you - by Inviting Your Friends To Play With You! So what are waiting for? Let's join us.


How to play Friday Night Funkin Match3 New

Using Mouse

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