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Metal Black Wars

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About Metal Black Wars

The war between the forces of good and evil continues in this gory metal warrior style arcade adventure game. Fight vicious creatures, undead knights and...

The war between the forces of good and evil continues in this gory metal warrior-style arcade adventure game. Fight vicious creatures, undead knights and dreadful bosses with your mighty metal music sword! Are you ready to face epic battles and prove your metal worth? There are many fates at stake. Are you ready to protect worlds from the evil forces of darkness? Explore an enchanted kingdom and help its inhabitants. Battle ferocious monsters, discover hidden treasures, and unlock new areas as you progress through the game. Unlock dozens of magical items, upgrade your weapons so that they can withstand more damage, and lead your people to victory over the darkness. There will be new dangers ahead now that evil has invaded our world. 

A war between two different races is about to begin. Which will be the winner? The humans or the Orcs? A long time ago, our ancestors discovered how to craft useful equipment from discarded metals and other materials. This led to the invention of powerful tools and machines which made the lives of people much easier. However, this also led to a new type of warfare - metal wars. Different races now battle each other with weapons made out of different types of metals. You are a soldier in one of these races and you must prepare your army in order to win the war. Control your units and build monuments, fortifications, and weapon stores so that you have enough resources when your time comes to attack your enemy! 

Metal Wars is an arcade real-time strategy game. Build a base, train and upgrade your troops, research new technologies, and build epic factories to produce more powerful weapons. Fight against the other players in a devastating campaign to rule the universe! Metal Wars features:

Real-time 3D graphics with destructible terrain

- 3 different races for you to choose from

- 30+ missions with increasing difficulty levels

- 10 types of weapons that can be upgraded

- Research new technologies, modify buildings, or train special troops to fight against your enemies 

You will lead a small squad of soldiers in one of the war-torn countries. Your mission is to eliminate all the threats and enemies lurking in the dark to secure your country by reaching the metal gates over there. Explore various locations, challenge various enemy troops, find hidden keys and unlock gates. Go explore this Metal War, metal war! 

Shoot your way through the enemy ranks in this high-octane military action game! Battle against enemy soldiers across 20 levels set across the globe. Fire off rifle shots, machine gun bursts and grenades to kill your enemies and complete objectives. Unlock new weapons and upgrade your uniform to become the elite soldier you were born to be! 

How to play Metal Black Wars

Using Mouse

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