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Music Cube

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About Music Cube

Music Cube is a hyper-casual rhythm game with 3D interactive characters and an original soundtrack. It is an arcade puzzle game that will challenge your...

Music Cube is a hyper-casual rhythm game with 3D interactive characters and an original soundtrack. It is an arcade puzzle game that will challenge your observation skills and reflexes, it’s also great for passing time on the bus or waiting in line. Each level of the game consists of a grid of cubes. Under each cube there is a hidden musical note. Your task is to find the hidden notes as quickly as possible — simple at first glance but challenging in practice! There are no time pressures or timers in this game — you play at your own pace and have as much time as you need to find all the hidden notes. There are different difficulty levels which can be changed at any point in the game, from very easy to mind-bendingly hard! Ready? Let’s get ready to

This amazing game is a hyper casual 3D puzzle arcade game that is an amalgamation of the best from both worlds: It has a catchy rhythm and brings you back to your school disco days. The gameplay is easy to learn and hard to master, requiring quick reflexes. The object of the game is simple: twist the Rubik’s cube-inspired This one in all directions so that it matches the primary color of the target zone. There are five different target zones with varying difficulties. Easy means one side of the cube must be red, medium means two sides must be blue, and hard means all three sides must be green.

This amazing game is a new hypercasual game created with Unity and released on iOS, Android, and Amazon. It’s made by HyperHmatic Games (yours truly), which is my own indie game studio that just released its first title. As the name implies, this is a puzzle game where you have to help the little cube escape the maze by tapping on it to bounce it around the walls in layers to activate switches and open paths. Let’s take a look at Music Cube so you can decide if you might like it

This game is a simple, casual and accessible puzzle game with 3D graphics and VFX. It’s also one of the first few games to use the hypercasual (or micro-gaming) trend. The game is currently available on Google Play, App Store and Amazon. In this blog post, we’ll share everything you need to know about the This one game and its development so

Have you ever felt like your heart was about to burst with happiness? Do you love to dance in all the places you go? Are you also a fan of awesome music and 3D animation? If so, we want you to meet our new game Hyper Casual — This

How to play Music Cube

Using Mouse

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