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Trigonometry Dash

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About Trigonometry Dash

Trigonometry Dash ! The evil Professor Goyo has launched a new game and it’s time to stop him! From his secret lab, he has created a new type of game:...

Trigonometry Dash ! The evil Professor Goyo has launched a new game and it’s time to stop him! From his secret lab, he has created a new type of game: This game. It is a challenge for students everywhere to master this new type of game. However, the Professor has not accounted for one thing: the desire to beat his invention! With this version of his game, he is hoping that some players will be able to figure out how to beat it without resorting to cheating. In any case, you must not let the This amazing game

The This game is a physics based arcade game with a simple objective: to reach the end of each level as quickly as possible. Craw your way through 96 challenging levels in this retro styled, fast paced arcade game. It’s easy to learn but difficult to master. The faster you move the more points you earn. - Easy to play but hard to master - Fast paced gameplay - Retro style graphics and music - Nostalgic gameplay that brings back the good old days when games were simpler and easier to

This is a browser based endless running game, where you have to help the Trigonometry dash escape from the maze while collecting as many diamonds as possible. The more diamonds that you collect the higher your score will increase, so don’t get discouraged if you see how many times you've died in this game. You need to be fast when it comes to avoiding the traps and spikes, and make sure that they don't take you out of this game

In this game you will learn about trigonometry. There are two balls that move at different speeds and try to stay away from each other. You control a stick which is connected to the top of one of the balls, and left as a trigger on the other ball. As you play, keep an eye out for special triangles that can change how the ball moves in response to trigonometry

How to play Trigonometry Dash

Controls Press left mouse button or space bar to jump.

Category and Tags

musichtml5actionartjumpingplatformone buttonavoidside scrolling

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